E0202: Electronics Device Development Kit
  • AVR uC based Development Board (clocked @ 16MHz)
  • With 32KiB Flash and 1024B EEPROM
  • USB Powered - No additional power adaptor required
  • Built-in USB Device circuitry support
  • On-board Real Time Clock
  • 8-LED Array control through uC as well as DB9 i/f
  • 2 line x 16 character liquid crystal display
  • 2 push buttons for menu controls
  • Featured w/ infra red transmission LED
  • Minimum of 16 independent Digital I/O Controls
  • Upto 8 independent ADC Inputs
  • Upto 4 independent PWM/Timer Outputs
  • Vcc & GND headers for direct extensibility
  • Arduino shield extension headers included
  • Sensor-based automation support
  • Programming through std HID i/f using pre-programmed bootloader
  • Also, included is direct ICSP programming interface
  • DB9 Male to Female & USB Type A to Type B cables included
  • Supported Software: BootloadHID, vusb, Custom apps
Libraries & Demo Applications: Browse Or,
        git clone https://github.com/esrijan/ddk-software.git; cd ddk-software/Examples

Open Hardware: v2.1 (git clone -b "v2.1" https://github.com/esrijan/ddk-hardware.git)

Electronics DDK v2.1

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