Who We Are?


Creation of Systems for Automation by Innovation using various Engineering & Science principles to elevate the standard of living for common man.


Be an OEM for embedded products & solutions, promoting open source hardware along with.


We believe in srijan - a Sanskrit word meaning Creation. Creation of Technology Systems - may it be an Electrical, or Electronics, Mechanical, or a Computer System, or a combination of these, with the application of Science & Technology. Systems for Automation of the various chores of life, to elevate the standard of living.

We believe in the marriage of hardware & software. Hardware is the body. Software, the soul. We create the body and then fire the life by embodying the soul into the body, to srijan the beauty of intelligence.


eSrijan Products & Solutions (aka Systems), typically based on open source hardware, are primarily targeted for masses, which could be urban or rural or both.

Our expertise lies in Computer logic-based designs, Electrical & Electronics board-level designs, Embedded System designs wrapped with Mechanical designs.

Flagship Product:

eSrijan is being mainly known for its education products to enable and enhance individual's learning experience. One of its popular product series is the Linux Device Driver Kit series. The current one being v2.1 code named E102. More details available at http://lddk.eSrijan.com
Mentors & Advisors
Dr V A Sastry Co-founder, RelQ. A Philanthropist supporting the energetic Generation.
Former Director of Infosys, among many other laurels to his credit.
Mr Sridhar Manthani Former Co-founder of Software & Silicon Systems, which got acquired by Intel.
Former Co-founder Director of Nvidia, Bangalore.