E0102: Linux Device Driver Kit
  • AVR uC based USB Device (clocked @ 16MHz)
  • With 32KiB Flash and 1024B EEPROM
  • USB Powered - No additional power adaptor required
  • 8-LED Array for Character Device Driver programming through DB9/USB
  • EEPROM accessibility as Character Device
  • Contains USB2Serial circuitry for USB Device Driver programming
  • Enabled with Block Device Driver programming over EEPROM/Flash
  • 2 line x 16 character driver controllable display provision
  • Real Time Clock accessibility provision
  • Self-upgradable for future new functionalities
  • DB9 Male to Female & USB Type A to Type B cables included
  • All relevant documentation, datasheets, driver source codes provided
Linux Drivers: Download v2.6

Linux Kernel Support: Compatible with Linux kernel 4.7

Open Firmware: v2.2 (git clone -b "fw/v2.2" https://github.com/esrijan/ddk-software.git)

Open Hardware: v2.1 (git clone -b "v2.1" https://github.com/esrijan/ddk-hardware.git)

Linux DDK v2.1

Price: ₹2,500 + GST. Free Shipping.
User Manual: LDDK User Manual
Schematic: DDK Schematic
Gerbers: DDK Gerbers
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